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  • Agenzia Italiana del FarmacoItalian National Competent Authority."
  • AIFAItalian National Competent Authority."
  • AgglomerateCluster of independent but similar things collected or formed into a mass.
  • Allocation concealmentA technique used to prevent selection bias by concealing the allocation sequence from those assigning participants to intervention groups, until the moment of assignment. Allocation concealment prevents researchers from (unconsciously or otherwise) influencing which participants are assigned(...)
  • Allogeneic cellsAllogeneic cells are cells obtained from a donor, such as bone marrow or umbilical cord blood.
  • Alternative hypothesisIn medicines development one might for example formulate the hypothesis that a new treatment for a disease is better than the existing standard of care treatment. If the new treatment is called ‘B’, and the standard of care treatment is called ‘A’ then the hypothesis states that ‘B’ is better(...)
  • Ames testThe Ames test is a biological assay that uses bacteria to analyse whether a chemical can cause mutations in the DNA. A positive test indicates that the chemical is mutagenic and therefore may act as a carcinogen.
  • AmorphousHaving no definite or specific shape or form. Shapeless.
  • Amt für GesundheitLiechtenstein National Competent Authority"
  • AGLiechtenstein National Competent Authority"

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