The Toolbox is an online library on the A-Z of medicines research and development (R&D) and patient engagement. The purpose of the Toolbox is to provide access to well-structured, comprehensive, scientifically reliable, and user-friendly educational materials for patients on a variety of topics in these areas. The information is not medicine- or disease-specific, but is applicable to the majority of diseases and/or medicines.

Materials that can be found within the Toolbox include articles, presentations, videos, webinars, starter kits, factsheets, infographics, and glossary items.

Launched in January 2016, the Toolbox contains information in 14 languages. In less than four years more than 6 million users have accessed and benefitted from this resource.

The Toolbox is continuously expanded and improved with new materials, reflecting the latest scientific discoveries and most relevant news and events related to drug development.


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