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  • VaccineVaccines are biological preparations developed from modified versions of the micro-organisms that cause a disease. Vaccines improve or convey immunity to particular diseases, usually in an effort to prevent or cure disease.
  • ValidityScientific validity refers to how well a measurement, test or study measures what it is intended to measure.
  • Valstybinė vaistų kontrolės tarnybaLithuanian National Competent Authority."
  • VVKTLithuanian National Competent Authority."
  • VectorIn gene therapy, a vector is a method of delivering DNA into patients' cells. A common vector used in gene therapy is the adenovirus. A gene therapy vector must be customised to attempt treatment of a particular disorder. To be successful, a vector must target the right cells, the gene it is(...)
  • Vulnerable participants or populationsVulnerable participants or populations are individuals or groups of individuals who are unable to give informed consent to take part in a clinical trial, such as children or people affected by mental health conditions, or who may come under pressure from others to take part. It also includes(...)

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