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  • Federaal Agentschap voor Geneesmiddelen en GezondheidsproductenBelgian National Competent Authority."
  • FAGGBelgian National Competent Authority."
  • Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de gezondheidszorgBelgian Health Care Knowledge Centre."
  • KCEBelgian Health Care Knowledge Centre."
  • Food and Drug AdministrationUSA National Competent Authority."
  • FDAUSA National Competent Authority."
  • FormulationA formulation is a mixture of different chemical substances prepared according to a specific method to create a medicinal product.
  • FraudFraud is an intentional act of deception. An example of fraud within a research setting might be a deliberate attempt to fabricate data or present data in a misleading way. Fraud does not include honest errors or poor research processes, unless it is done with an intention to deceive. In(...)
  • Freeze-dryingFreeze-drying, also known as lyophilisation, is used to preserve a perishable material or make the material in a medicine more convenient for transport. It works by freezing the material and then allowing the frozen water in the material to change directly from the solid to the gas phase(...)
  • Functional Observational BatteryFunctional Observational Battery

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