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  • Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers AssociationJapan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association"
  • JPMAJapan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association"
  • Javna Agencija RS za zdravila in Medicinske PripomočkeSlovenian National Competent Authority."
  • JAZMPSlovenian National Competent Authority."
  • Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA)The JCA is the scientific compilation and the description of a comparative analysis of the available clinical evidence on a health technology in comparison with one or more other health technologies or existing procedures – the full definition is provided under Chapter I Article 2 (6) in the(...)
  • Joint Scientific Consultation (JSC)Joint Scientific Consultations (Art. 16–21, HTAR):[glossary_exclude]A Joint Scientific Consultation (JSC) aims to advise the Health Technology Developer on evidence likely to be required in a subsequent Joint Clinical Assessment of a health technology.[/glossary_exclude] Health technologies(...)

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