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  • P-valueA p-value, which stands for probability value, is a statistical measure between 0 and 1. It is used for hypothesis testing. In clinical trials it is used to give an indication of whether a result observed may be due to chance, or not.A significance level should be set before data collection(...)
  • Package InsertThe Package Insert (formerly prescribing information) in the United States (USPI), is a document included inside the external packaging of a prescription or over-the-counter medicine to provide information for patients. In Europe, the patient information in the pack is the Package Leaflet (PL)(...)
  • Package Leaflet (PL)A folded leaflet that comes inside the package with the medicine.
  • Package LeafletIn the EU, medicinal products must be accompanied by outer and/or immediate packaging information (labelling) and a Package Leaflet (PL). The PL should be written in language understandable by the patient and must undergo readability testing. It contains: What medicine X is and what it is(...)
  • Paediatric Investigation PlanPaediatric Investigation Plan
  • PIPPaediatric Investigation Plan
  • Paediatric Research Equity ActPaediatric Research Equity Act
  • PREAPaediatric Research Equity Act
  • Paediatric Use Marketing AuthorisationPaediatric Use Marketing Authorisation
  • PUMAPaediatric Use Marketing Authorisation

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