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Patients Involved – Ovarian Cancer

Introduction An example of patient involvement looking at a case report on Phase III patient involvement in an advisory board comprising six expert GYN oncology nurses from across Europe...

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Tools and resources for HTA bodies

Patient Engagement in Early Dialogues: Tools and resources for HTA bodies Background/Rationale Early Dialogues with regulators and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies are a well-established processes in which medicines...

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Types of Vaccines

[glossary_exclude]There are vaccines to prevent infectious diseases caused by bacteria (such as pertussis, pneumococcal), viruses (such as measles, mumps, rubella,…

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Data collection in clinical trials

There are several forms of data collection in clinical trials, including electronic methods and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). All forms of data collection must adhere to Good Clinical Practice...

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Principles of risk management

Risk management is important in medicines development and pharmacovigilance in order to avoid crisis situations and harmful consequences. There are various kinds of risk; risk management strategies must assess...

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Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a way of restoring the function in cells where genes are missing or not working properly. It is a highly experimental technique, but has shown promise...

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