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Interview with Pauline Kitchiner

Transcription My name is Pauline Kitchiner, and I work at GSK’s Clinical Unit in Cambridge. Which is a purpose built clinical unit to conduct phase one or phase...

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Interview with Gilliosa Spurrier

Transcription I’m Gilli Spurrier-Bernard. I am a patient advocate because my husband is a stage 4 melanoma patient. As a patient advocate I initiated the Melanome France group...

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Interview with Karen Facey

Transcription My name is Karen Facey. I am a statistician by training. I’ve worked in drug development, medicines regulation and health technology assessment. Since being involved in health...

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Interview with Virginie Hivert

Transcription So my name is Virginie Hivert, I’m working for EURORDIS, the European organisation for rare disease patients. I’m the Therapeutic Development Director, and so I’m a patient...

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Activist, disrupter, advocate

Part of a different era, activist or patient advocate? I started in patient advocacy in 1991. We didn’t call it patient advocacy back then. We got buckets of glue...

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