Webinar: Guidance on Patient Involvement in Ethical Review of Clinical Trials

Last update: 30 May 2017

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Note: This webinar took place on the 29-May-2017. You can find a video recording and the presentations used during the webinar below.

Webinar introduction

A very important result from the EUPATI project was the development, broad consultation and final release of guidances on the best approach to interaction of patients with pharmaceutical industry-led medicines R&D, regulatory authorities, ethics committees and HTA agencies. This webinar focuses on the Guidance on Patient Involvement in the ethical review of clinical trials.

Webinar recording


  • Ingrid Klingmann, EFGCP
  • Andrea Heckenberg, Medical University of Vienna
  • David Haerry, EATG
  • Giulio Corbeli, EATG

Webinar presentations


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