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Patients Involved – HIV R&D Collaboration

Introduction An R&D collaboration between the European AIDS Treatment Group, European Liver Patients Association, Treatment Action Group, and Janssen R&D. Description of the case Patients were involved as follows:...

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Interview with Jan Geissler

Transcription My name is Jan Geissler. I’m a patient advocate now for fifteen years. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2001. At that time, diagnosis really...

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Personalised medicine

Stratified and personalised medicine involves tailoring treatments towards a specific group of patients or to individuals.

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Evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based medicine combines clinical evidence and experience so that doctors and patients can make the best decisions on an individual basis.

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Clinical study results: Publication

After they are published, clinical study results should be critically reviewed and assessed for such things as reliability, bias, significance, and fit with existing literature.

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