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Interview with Pauline Kitchiner

Transcription My name is Pauline Kitchiner, and I work at GSK’s Clinical Unit in Cambridge. Which is a purpose built clinical unit to conduct phase one or phase...

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Interview with Dimitrios Athanasiou

Transcription My name is Dimitrios Athanasiou. I am a parent of a child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. I am a full-time patient advocate for Duchenne and rare diseases,...

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Interview with Dominique Hamerlijnck

Transcription I’m Dominique Hamerlijnck. I’m one of the patient advocates from the Dutch Lung Foundation. We do quite a lot of different projects, and usually it goes two...

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Inclusion & Diversity in Clinical Trials

Authors: Oyiza Momoh, Susan W. Burriss, Anya Harry, Kay Warner The importance of inclusion and diversity in clinical trials   It is important that people participating in clinical trials...

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