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Interview with Ross Carroll

Transcription Of course, my name’s Ross Carroll. I’m the Public Affairs Director for the UK and Ireland for UCB pharma. Within that role, I’m responsible...

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Interview with Claas Röhl

Transcription My name is Claas Röhl. I’m from Vienna, Austria. Two and a half years ago, I founded the patient organisation NF Kinder, and we...

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Interview with Gilliosa Spurrier

Transcription I’m Gilli Spurrier-Bernard. I am a patient advocate because my husband is a stage 4 melanoma patient. As a patient advocate I initiated...

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Stratified versus personalised medicine

The term 'personalised medicine' includes both stratification and personalisation, which are often incorrectly used as synonyms. However, the two are different, as explained further below.

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The predictive value of non-clinical testing

Data from non-clinical trials is important as a predictor and decision-making tool in the medicines development process. Adequate and satisfactory non-clinical results are required before a medicine may be...

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Webinar: Community Advisory Boards

Note: This webinar took place on 28 June 2018. You can find a video recording and the presentations used during the webinar below. Webinar introduction Community advisory...

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