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Enhanced EUPATI Guide

Enhancement of the EUPATI industry guidance Background/Rationale for the documents During the PARADIGM project further expansion of specific sections of the EUPATI Guidance for Patient...

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Patients Involved – Melanoma board

Expert melanoma nurses and advocacy group experts held a Melanoma board meeting to explore perceptions about novel treatments and scientific developments in the management of melanoma.

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Basics of Early Clinical Development

Early Clinical Development refers generally to the first studies of a medicine in humans – typically known as Phase I and Phase II trials. Studies in early clinical development...

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Safety communication

Safety communication is put in place to communicate adverse reactions or any safety findings to regulators, healthcare providers and patients. Safety communications are provided by marketing authorisation holders and...

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Falsified medicines

A falsified medicine is a fake that passes itself off as a real, authorised medicine but contains poor quality or falsified ingredients, no ingredients or in the wrong dose...

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Trial medicine: from production to participants

During clinical development the manufacturing and distribution facilities available may not be suitable for a trial medicine (investigational medicinal product (IMP)), however, IMPs must be manufactured, stored and distributed...

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Generic medicines

Generic medicines are copies of original, branded medicines. They can be manufactured and sold after the protection on an original product expires. They have the same form and active...

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