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Biologic medicines

Biologic medicines, or protein-based medicines such as insulin, are designed to interact with specific targets in the patient’s body. A more targeted mechanism of action should lead to a...

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Clinical trials in small populations

Small populations present ethical and practical challenges to organising clinical trials. Small populations include groups with rare diseases or specific sub-types of common diseases, children, and the elderly.

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Analysing clinical trial results

Clinical trial results are statistically analysed in terms of demographics, efficacy, and safety. Different types of clinical trial may warrant different interpretations of trial results.

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Generic medicines

Generic medicines are copies of original, branded medicines. They can be manufactured and sold after the protection on an original product expires. They have the same form and active...

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Patients Involved – Clinical trial design

An example of patients involved through patients and patient organisations providing input into a Cushing’s disease clinical trial design. The consultation took place between Novartis and nurses from different teams...

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Patients Involved – Phase III Hepatitis C

A collaboration between Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) with FUNDHEPA (patient organisation) to give more patients the opportunity to receive an innovative treatment for Hepatitis C through the participation in a...

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