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  • CTDThe Common Technical Document (CTD) is an internationally agreed format for the preparation of marketing applications to regulatory authorities for new medicines approval. The CTD is divided into five modules, where modules 2 to 5 constitute the actual CTD; and module 1 differs according to(...)
  • Community Advisory BoardCommunity Advisory Board
  • CABCommunity Advisory Board
  • Compassionate UseMethod of providing an unlicensed medicine prior to final approval by a regulatory (competent) authority for use in humans. This procedure is used with very sick individuals who have no other treatment options. Often, case-by-case approval must be obtained for compassionate use of a medicine(...)
  • Competent AuthorityCompetent Authority
  • CACompetent Authority
  • Complementary DNAComplementary DNA
  • cDNAComplementary DNA
  • CompoundTwo or more elements or molecules which are chemically bound to each other. The term ‘compound’ is often used to refer to a medicine which is being developed.
  • Computer TomographyComputer Tomography

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