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Biologic medicines

Biologic medicines, or protein-based medicines such as insulin, are designed to interact with specific targets in the patient’s body. A more targeted mechanism of action should lead to a...

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Conflict of Interest

Raising Awareness on Managing Competing Interests in a Multi-Stakeholder Environment: Guidance to Patients and Engaging Stakeholders – download the guidance below Background/Rationale for the document Managing competing interests and...

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How are medicines regulated?

A medicine can be marketed in the European Union (EU) until the company has obtained a Marketing Authorisation (MA) for that medicine from the relevant regulatory authority. MAs are...

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Interview with Diego Villalón

Transcription Well, my name is Diego, Diego Villalón, I had lymphoma when I was 23 and since then I’ve been involved in patient… In different patients organisations. Two...

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Introduction to medicines

A medicine is commonly defined as a drug or preparation that can treat or prevent disease. Medicines must be delivered into the body, where they are then distributed to...

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