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Interview with Virginie Hivert

Transcription So my name is Virginie Hivert, I’m working for EURORDIS, the European organisation for rare disease patients. I’m the Therapeutic Development Director, and...

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Interview with Matthew May

Transcript My name is Matthew May. I work for DIA, which is a non-profit in the pharmaceutical industry. We’re a global membership association who...

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Interview with Ross Carroll

Transcription Of course, my name’s Ross Carroll. I’m the Public Affairs Director for the UK and Ireland for UCB pharma. Within that role, I’m responsible...

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Interview with Souzi Makri

Transcription My name is Souzi Makri, I come from Cyprus. I’m an expert patient, I’m involved with the Cyprus League Against Rheumatism. I’m a...

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Interview with Nancy Hamilton

Transcription My name is Nancy Hamilton. Right now, I am the training manager at EURORDIS, which is the European Organisation for Rare Diseases. I...

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