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Biologic medicines

Biologic medicines, or protein-based medicines such as insulin, are designed to interact with specific targets in the patient’s body. A more targeted mechanism of action should lead to a...

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Herbal medicine

Herbal medicines are based on extracts from plants or parts of plants that have healing properties. They have been used for hundreds of years and can be seen as...

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Nanoparticles are tiny objects, available only as intravenous formulations, that help medicines get to difficult-to-reach cells and tissue. They can also help protect molecules and control the targeted release...

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Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a way of restoring the function in cells where genes are missing or not working properly. It is a highly experimental technique, but has shown promise...

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Introduction to medicines

A medicine is commonly defined as a drug or preparation that can treat or prevent disease. Medicines must be delivered into the body, where they are then distributed to...

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Discovery and development of medicines

Once a target receptor molecule or an enzyme has been identified, scientists begin to look for potential compounds that will interact with the target to correct disease-related activity.These molecules...

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Vaccines are biological preparations developed from modified versions of the micro-organisms that cause a disease. Vaccines improve or convey immunity to particular diseases, usually in an effort to prevent...

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