Webinar: Experience with Patient Involvement in HTA Processes

Last update: 22 January 2018

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Note: This webinar took place on 26 September 2017. You can find a video recording and the presentations used during the webinar below.

Webinar introduction

Increasingly, patient advocates take part in HTA processes across Europe, which is also encouraged by the recommendations of Health Technology Assessment International. This webinar discusses the experience of patient advocates in HTA processes along with some questions and challenges with such involvement and work. The backbone of such involvement if the EUPATI Guidance on Patient involvement in HTA

Webinar recording


  • Paola Kruger, EUPATI Fellow
  • Joan Jordan, EUPATI Fellow, EUPATI Content Coordinator
  • Colm Fahey, Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Tamás Bereczky, EUPATI Communcations


Webinar presentations

Click here for all slides of the webinar.


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