Webinar: Creating Trainings with the EUPATI Toolbox

Last update: 21 October 2016

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Note: This webinar took place on the 21-October-2016. You can find a video recording and the presentations used during the webinar below.

Webinar introduction

In the first part of the webinar John Lenehan will present the usage statistics of the EUPATI ToolBox since its launch in January. He will highlight who is using the service , which countries have viewed the most content and what subjects are the most popular.

In the second part of the webinar Matthew May will present the newly launched ‘mini-course starter kits’ and what they contain. He will outline how they were created, so that you can create your own training course material from the EUPATI Toolbox.

EUPATI made their eLearning Expert Course available to the public for free download under a Creative Commons license last June. John will present some technical advice about how your organisation could utilise the download package and run the course within your own organisation.

Webinar agenda

 17:00 Welcome and Introduction
Giulio Maria Corbelli, EUPATI Editorial Board, EATG
 17:10 Website Statistic and updates. EUPATI course download and hosting.
John Lenehan, WP5 Leader, Hibernia College
 17:25 Starter-kit, How to organise a training with the Toolbox.
Matthew May, WP4 Co-Leader, DIA
 17:40  Webinar Q&A
 18.30  Webinar Close

Webinar recording

Presentation title: ‘Mini-course starter kits’


  • Giulio Maria Corbelli, EUPATI Editorial Board, EATG
  • John Lenehan, WP5 Leader, Hibernia College
  • Matthew May, WP4 Co-Leader, DIA


Webinar presentations

Presentation title: ‘Mini-course starter kits’

Download PDF version of presentation


Presentation title: EUPATI website usage statistics and course download file technical advice.

Download PDF version of presentation

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