Webinar: Community Advisory Boards

Last update: 3 July 2018

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Note: This webinar took place on 28 June 2018. You can find a video recording and the presentations used during the webinar below.

Webinar introduction

Community advisory boards (CAB) are an effective and increasingly widely used structure to create neutral and scientifically framed platforms for all stakeholders involved in medicine research and development to interact on equal footing. Originally used in the HIV field, CABs are now used in haematology, certain cancers and rare diseases. They are run and controlled by the patient community, and focus on adding patient input into the research and policy processes in a structured and unbiased way.

Webinar recording


  • Rob Camp, EURORDIS
  • Giulio Maria Corbelli, EATG
  • Jan Geissler, CML Advocates, LeukaNET


Webinar presentations

Presentation of Rob Camp

Presentation of Giulio Maria Corbelli

Presentation of Jan Geissler


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