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Begonya Nafría, Spain

"The empowered patient is necessary for the challenge of medicine and for drug development - this has to be the medicine of today, not the future."

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Dimitrios Athanasiou, Greece

Knowledge and Passion are the antidotes of despair! I have not only made a great improvement to my knowledge base through this course, but also gained a better understanding...

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Victoria Fonsou, Greece

EUPATI is a ground-breaking, practice-changing health innovation! It upgrades the unexploited value of the patient in medicine!

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Maria Piggin, England

“I have been provided with tools which give me confidence to assert the patients’ voice. Each process examined highlights how a patient advocate can add value.”

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Alwyn Rowlands, Wales

A professional teaching geared to the amateur with tremendous tutor support. Taking part in the Course has equipped me to be a more knowledgeable advocate for patients.

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Amanda Bok, Belgium

This course has made a hugely important contribution to the public health space and should be a mainstay of publicly funded education.

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Stefano Mazzariol, Italy

I would like to work with stakeholders to bring patients closer to research. I wish that all patients could benefit from the knowledge that I am acquiring in this...

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Birgit Bauer, Germany

Having lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years now and being an active blogger, I realized that patients are not well-informed.

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