Rachel Lynch, Ireland

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“This course has been crucial to my advocacy work. It has strengthened my voice as a patient advocate so that I can meaningfully engage with various stakeholders.”

I can now take complex medical information and present it in such a way, that the patient can understand and feel clear about where they stand, in the drug development process.

I am involved with a volunteer organisation called FibroIreland, which provides support for people with Fibromyalgia and cross-over illnesses such as Lupus, ME, CFS, RA & IC. My work with various patients, over the years, has highlighted the gaps in their involvement in the drugs development process. My primary objective in attending the EUPATI trainingcourse, would be to promote personalised and predictive medicine. It currently takes an average of 10 years to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and there can be a lot of trial and error when finding the most suitable drug to help the patient. I would like to see the development of biomarkers to minimize side-effects for patients and find the most suitable medication.

The EUPATI team has supported me throughout the course, in learning about complex medical terminology, so I can meaningfully engage with various stakeholders. The EUPATI course has given me access to people with a variety of skillsets who are not only willing to share their knowledge and experience but also their inspiring stories.

Rachel Lynch, FibroIreland, Ireland, EUPATI Trainee

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