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Nanoparticles are tiny objects, available only as intravenous formulations, that help medicines get to difficult-to-reach cells and tissue. They can also help protect molecules and control the targeted release...

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Critical reading of clinical study results

When performing a critical reading of clinical study results, the reader should take relevant information into account from the best available sources and should consider questions about the reliability,...

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Evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based medicine combines clinical evidence and experience so that doctors and patients can make the best decisions on an individual basis.

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Marketing Authorisation Applications

The medicines development process' ultimate goal is an approval for marketing the new medicinal product – a Marketing Authorisation. This should be an integral part of all steps throughout...

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Maria Piggin, England

“I have been provided with tools which give me confidence to assert the patients’ voice. Each process examined highlights how a patient advocate can add...

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