Maria Piggin, England

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“I have been provided with tools which give me confidence to assert the patients’ voice. Each process examined highlights how a patient advocate can add value.”

I enrolled in the EUPATI course because I considered that it was an excellent opportunity to educate myself about medicines research and development so that I would be able to ‘sit at the table’ and/or engage with relevant stakeholders in the disease area which I represent. So far my expectations have probably been exceeded as I did not expect the courseto be so in depth.

The course has provided me with knowledge of concepts and procedures in the industry and a great network of peers with a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to learn. I have used the skills learned to engage with industry in a constructive way to benefit both parties and hope to continue this engagement on behalf of my patient group with other stakeholders to ensure our community’s voice is heard and utilised effectively.

— Maria Piggin, Organisation: PNH Support (England), EUPATI Trainee

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