Birgit Bauer, Germany

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“Having lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years now and being an active blogger, I realized that patients are not well-informed.”

I heard about EUPATI for the first time in 2012. I and was really excited and decided to register. I expected to broaden my knowledge about clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and other important topics. The course clearly surpassed my expectations. As a journalist, social media expert and patient advocate I use my gained knowledge for articles, blogposts and for talks. I now have better arguments in discussion panels and understand the different perspectives of different stakeholders.The course is a great source of knowledge, gives me the opportunity to share experience with others, and last but not least: it helps to strengthen my network.

In my talks about Patients Education on different meetings like the spring conference from EMSP  the course helped me to notice the importance of the course and it’s valuable content, it was a good reason to underline the importance of this theme. I understood during the time, that on every corner I’ve talked about EUPATI and the course People were very respectful to me and they showed a very high appreciation about my knowledge and my courage to do it. There is a big interest in the content of the course once the audience noticed what it is and what I’ve learned. In my Blog I can explain more things better to patients without so much knowledge. And I can connect the course content in my social media talks at conferences and in workshops which we design for patient organisations. We’ve designed some new programs this year and they are running successful. And I think, Patient Organisations can see, how important patient education is.

On the other side, I’m able to understand the different aspects of Health Technology and the different parts in the round of it. (Patients Voice, Pharmaceutical Industry, Physicians ….) And I am able to see the background stories and this helps me to create new ideas for the wise use of social media for patients. And this will be one of the aspects which I will create new things in the New Year.

I don´t know what the future will bring, but I am sure that the course will help me open doors, drive important talks forward and create awareness for the big theme: Patients Education. And I will move forward in London in January 2016. The course is in my presentation.

Birgit Bauer, MS Patient, Blogger about Multiple Sclerosis (Germany), EUPATI Trainee

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