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Medical devices

Medical devices are articles or instruments used in disease prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Medical devices range in form and function, ranging for instance from inhalers to pacemakers to magnetic...

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Information on medicinal products

Information on medicinal products is provided to patients and healthcare providers in different, carefully regulated ways – including package labelling, package leaflets, and the Summary of Product Characteristics.

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Compensation in clinical trials

Compensation in clinical trials is not always a standard but may be offered to participants according to different models and in line with the respective legislation and regulations.

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Herbal medicine

Herbal medicines are based on extracts from plants or parts of plants that have healing properties. They have been used for hundreds of years and can be seen as...

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Patients Involved – DevelopAKUre for AKU

An example of public-private partnership (DevelopAKUre) from diverse international groups in industry (Sobi), patient organisations (AKU Society and ALCAP), hospitals (Royal Liverpool, Hospital Necker, and National Institute of Rheumatic...

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